WordPress Training Course

Duration 15Hrs, Rs 6000/-



1) Introduction of WordPress 4
- Comparison to other CMS ( Drupal, Joomla, Magento )
- Features of WordPress
- WordPress 4 installation
- Permalinks for WordPress clean url
- Creating simple content : Page and Post
- Concept of Post Type And Taxonomy


2) Basics of WordPress

- Theme files introduction
- Template tags and Page Template
- Creating custom widgets area
- Short code


3) Create Custom Content/Post Type and display it's Data

- WordPress database table’s introduction
- Creating Custom Post Type 'products' and Taxonomy 'product category'
- Using WP Loops to show latest products

4) WordPress Theme Development

- Preparing our HTML template
- Creating new theme folder
- Creating index.php file
- Creating internal pages page.php, single.php
- Widget area theming
- Finalizing our new theme


5) WordPress Plugin Development Part 1

- HOOKS (action and filter)
- Plugin development, creating custom table on plugin activation
- Create admin menu


6) WordPress Plugin Development Part 2

- Using WordPress database connection object
- Creating add page to insert data on custom table
- Upload image WordPress way
- Creating list page to display records from our new database table


7) WordPress Plugin Development Part 3

- Widget development
- Create widget to Show our table’s data as widget on frontend
- Using JQuery, Ajax with WordPress
- Create Ajax based category - post listing


8) Project: News Portal part 1

- Creating custom post type 'news' and taxonomy 'news category'
- Create custom menu of 'category menu'
- Create widget to show latest news on left sidebar
- Create 4 boxes on home page to show latest news heading of any 4 category
- Create a page taxonomy-.php to handle second screen


9) Project: News Portal part 2

- Create single-.php to handle news details page
- Using wp poll plugin to show poll widget
- Pagination on second screen ( news listing page )
- Social media share icons on news details page
- using Disqus comment plugin


10) Some Useful free WordPress Plugin

- 'Contact form 7' to create contact form
- 'Display Widgets' to hide widgets on specified pages
- 'All in one SEO plugin' for WordPress SEO
Moving WordPress from Localhost to Live Server