PHP Web Developers Course (Basic)

Sai Digital Academy PHP Web Developers course is designed to give practical training to the students. The course focuses on making you industry ready. This is achieved by covering topics which are useful for real world scenarios in contrast to the bookish knowledge that is imparted in colleges and other training institutes.

Course Summary: PHP Basics

Course Duration: Approx. 15 hrs.

Pre-requisites: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and familiarity with any of the OOPS based coding languages like C/C++, Java etc.

Following is the list of topics that will be covered during the course:

Basic PHP Course:

  1. Introduction and installation
  2. b. Syntax, Comments and DataTypes
  3. Variables, Strings, Arrays
  4. d. Operators
  5. Conditional Statements and Loops
  6. User Defined and Built-in Functions g. Working with Forms and Validations h.   Date Function
  7. Include Statement
  8. File Handling
  9. Mail Handling