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CodeIgniter Framework Course

Duration 20 Hours, Rs 10,000

Sai Digital Academy Code Igniter course is designed to give practical training to the students. The course focuses on making you industry ready. This is achieved by covering topics which are useful for real world scenarios in contrast to the bookish knowledge that is imparted in colleges and other training institutes.

Course Summary: PHP Object Oriented Programming Basics, CodeIgniter Framework


Pre-requisites: Basic and Advanced Core PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and familiarity with any of the OOPS based coding languages like C/C++, Java etc.


Following is the list of topics that will be covered during the course:


CodeIgniter Course:

  1. OOP Basics
  2. Classes in PHP
  3. b. Classes as Namespaces c.   Objects and References d.   Methods and Properties e.   Inheritance


  1. CodeIgniter Framework:
  2. Introduction to CodeIgniter b.   MVC Architecture
  3. Application Flow d.   CodeIgniter URLs
  4. e. Creating Controllers f. Creating Views
  5. g. Creating Models h.   Caching
  6. i. Database Integration
  7. i. Connecting to a Database
  8. ii. Firing queries and generating results iii.   Query helper functions
  9. iv. Query builder Class v.   Database Metadata
  10. CSS Styling in CodeIgniter
  11. k. Using AJAX with CodeIgniter l.    Using CodeIgniter Helpers
  12. i. CAPTCHA Helper ii.   Cookie Helper

iii.   Download Helper iv.   File Helper

  1. v. Form Helper vi.   HTML Helper

vii.   Inflector Helper viii.   String Helper

  1. ix. URL Helper
  2. Using CodeIgniter Libraries i. Calendar Class
  3. ii. Email Class

iii.   File Uploading Class iv.   Form Validation Class v.   HTML Table Class

  1. vi. Loader Class

vii.   Input Class viii.   Output Class

  1. ix. Pagination Class x.   Session Class
  2. xi. URI Class

xii.   User Agent Class

  1. n. Creating Custom Libraries
  2. o. Practice Web Application with CodeIgniter